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Ginza is a great neighbourhood to explore in Tokyo. It has a refined, cosmopolitan character with a bright, shiny exterior and old-world soul.

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Tokyo: a vast city, with so many things to see; so much to do. What follows is one of dozens of possible “best of” to do lists for this city. Individually, these places and experiences offer glimpses of Tokyo’s unique culture; taken as a whole, they should provide a multi-faceted view of the city to a first-time visitor.

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With the release of the latest Michelin Guide Tokyo Yokohama Shonan 2012, Japan has become the gastronomic capital of the world, boasting more 3-star restaurants than France.

This is not surprising, given the care and artistry that goes into dining in this country. Also not surprising is that Tokyo, with its 16 3-star restaurants, is the gourmet capital of the world.

And yet, the average Tokyoite, particularly in these times of economic struggle, dines in a much more varied culinary environment. It’s a rich landscape of eateries, encompassing the various refined dining rooms and starred restaurants the city hosts, through casual izakaya and inexpensive family restaurants, to bento shops, convenience stores, supermarket pre-cooked meals and fast food outlets.

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