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This year, mapp : : tokyo has been busily snapping scenes on the streets of Tokyo to publish on our instagram/mapptokyo stream. Many other talented photographers have also been publishing their visions of Tokyo and beyond to their preferred online services.

In the spirit of end of year ’best of’ lists, and in spite of the recent controversy Instagram has generated, mapp : : tokyo revisits a year of Instagram photos and highlights some of our favorite Japanese photographers.

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mapp : : tokyo has been in hiatus for a few months now. As of today it’s back. And it has a new approach. To date, posts have tended to be in essay form and topics approached with a cultural and historical slant. Future posts will still focus on design, culture, art, fashion, food and Tokyo’s retail scene, but they will be less wordy; more fragments, street-snaps, news snippets, items of interest and photo essays – and in the mix there will also be the occasional surprise.

Oh, and mapp : : tokyo is now also on Instagram. You can follow us at mapptokyo.

With the previous post, tokyo’s yamanote line, mapp : : tokyo published its 100th post. It’s a milestone worth reflecting on – an indulgence, I know, but I’ll make it short.

This blog actually began as an idea for an iOS app, but for various reasons, it morphed into a website that is part magazine, part travel guide, part cultural anthropology and part tribute to one of the world’s great cities, publishing new content on Japanese culture, design and media on a weekly basis, creating a digital tapestry of – as the blurb says – cool stuff in Tokyo and Japan.

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