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Mika Ninagawa’s images are a kaleidoscopic explosion of color and shape that bring to mind early 20th Century art movements and Tokyo’s more excessive neon-lit cityscapes. The photographer/filmmaker is a media savvy, post-modern Matisse; she seamlessly traverses, in the style of Japanese creatives, the worlds of high art, pop culture and commerce to create striking works for photo exhibitions, magazine editorials, advertising campaigns, books and movie theaters. Her online presence extends to e-commerce, a blog and a dedicated mobile website.

Whatever the purpose of her images, she brings an auteur’s eye to her favorite motifs: flowers, exotic fish, cultural iconography and edgy, highly stylized pop portraits that borrow imagery and themes from – and inform – manga, the fashion industry, pop music and traditional theater.

All original images : : copyright Mika Ninagawa.

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It’s no secret that manga is big in Japan. Comics, or graphic novels, cover a dizzying choice of genres and titles and are widely read by people of all ages; young school kids devour the latest Doraemon, teenagers pick up their favorite teen titles at the local combini; young women sit in cafes with their preferred josei manga novels; a young man on the train might be poring over a seinen manga; a middle aged salaryman in the same carriage could be flicking through one of this week’s disposable manga collections. It’s a 400 billion yen – or US$4.75 billion dollar – a year industry that is at the heart of the nation’s influential otaku culture.

Detail of original dōjinshi artwork – akudō yūgi : : copyright 2004 Yuki Yasuhara

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