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Tokyo: a vast city, with so many things to see; so much to do. What follows is one of dozens of possible “best of” to do lists for this city. Individually, these places and experiences offer glimpses of Tokyo’s unique culture; taken as a whole, they should provide a multi-faceted view of the city to a first-time visitor.

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13 million people call the city of Tokyo home. The greater Tokyo area has a population of 36.5 million and a good number of these people commute to central Tokyo for work. This is a crowded city. In Tokyo’s central commercial and transport hubs it can all get a bit much sometimes; this despite the relative passivity of the crowds and the infrastructure efficiencies of the city.

Perhaps surprising to visitors, Tokyo has an abundance of outdoor retreats, from the plazas at the base of many corporate towers to the modest temple grounds and tiny recreational squares in the city’s suburban neighborhoods. However, it’s the impressive green zones scattered throughout city’s 23 wards, the expansive parks and gardens that are most impressive.

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