snow city

This winter’s first snowfall came a little early, spoiling the party for many a twenty-year-old dressed up to celebrate their coming of age on 成人の日 (seijin no hi).

While parts of Japan are famous for the quality of their powder snow, snow in the city of Tokyo is not that common and when it does fall, there isn’t usually that much of it. Yesterday, though, the kanto area was, according to news reports, blanketed with some 40 centimetres of the stuff.

The place turned white and hazy and much of the city’s transport came to a stop.

whiteness snow fall commuting

But the morning after, the city woke to impossibly blue skies and the trains were rolling again.

park back on the tracks

It was back to business – and to the business of clearing the snow; though in the case of this government appointed task force, the job looks daunting.

to business government task force

Remnants of the storm could be spotted around the city, and throughout the day, some of the snow began to melt away.

debris melting snow escalator

Tokyoites also looked for sunny spots to take refuge from the biting cold. Some found ways to amuse themselves.

thawing out sun therapy playtime

And the sun set over a city of white-capped buildings, which will likely see more snow in the coming days.