I do not know the day
my pain will end yet
in the little garden
I had them plant
seeds of autumn flowers.
– Masaoki Shiki : 正岡 子規

Autumn is such a beautiful season in Tokyo. Crisp mornings regularly give way to perfect sunny days and the city’s verdant parks and gardens are colored with a seasonal palette of reds and ochres. Known as koyo, the seasonal transition is widely anticipated, much like the Spring-time cherry blossom season of hanami.

These pictures are the result of a stroll through Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden today. The season has yet to hit its stride, but there were some beautiful scenes nevertheless.

Shinjuku views

Manicured lawns and shrubs

Stone lantern

Changing colors

Autumn leaves

Picnic on the lawns

In repose

Admiring the flowers

Postcard perfect views

Simple pleasures

Koyo will continue through to December. Information on Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden can be found on their website.