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Tokyo’s Marunouchi is well-heeled, dignified and connected to royalty, the Imperial Palace gardens spread out along its fringes. For shopping and dining, the Maru Biru and Shin Maru Biru opposite Tokyo Station are the district’s two gems.

marunouchi building

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Tarō Okamoto, 岡本 太郎, is one of Japan’s most renowned artists. A sculptor and painter – and author, Okamoto’s artistic philosophies and visual style were defined by his ealy alignment with the pre-war European avant-garde: artists such as Picasso, Kandinski, Breton and Miro, together with his interests in anthropology and spirituality and a fascination with the ancient art of Japan.

Art is explosion

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Tokyo, as you’d expect, has a daunting array of accommodations from which to choose, from luxurious international properties with their expansive and expensive rooms and deluxe facilities to the cheap, stacked sleeping cubicles of Japan’s equally famous capsule hotels. 

Choosing a hotel is very much a personal decision, with cost, location, levels of service and amenities all part of the equation. 

granbell hotels

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Socializing online is just as much a part of life for young Japanese as it is for younger generations of any nation, but as with many things, the Japanese have developed their own take on what a social network should be. While Facebook and Twitter are busy changing the world and Google chips away at their domination, most connected Japanese belong to and connect through one or more of the home-grown networks that focus on the mobile phone platform and gaming: Mixi, Gree or Mobage.

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